August 6, 2022

        1. A VHF/UHF mobile radio is up for grabs for a lucky participant of the 2022 DU3MY Contest.

        To qualify, the participant must submit a log with at least 10 valid QSOs during the contest. The winner will be picked during an online meeting to be announced soon.

        2. The DU3MY Memorial Contest remains fully supported by N1MM Logger+, the world’s most popular FREE ham radio contest logging program. Make sure to get the latest UDC for the contest.

        Follow the links below to download the full installation files and latest updates of N1MM Logger+.

        Full install:

        Latest updates:

        If you are new to N1MM Logger+, how-to videos are also available on their site:

        Once you have installed N1MM Logger+, follow the instructions on how to set up the DU3MY Memorial Contest in N1MM Logger+ found in the DX3H website:

        June 26, 2022

        The updated 2022 DU3MY Contest rules was announced.

        Changes from the 2021 rules include:

        - for VHF/UHF, the LOW POWER category is introduced. Maximum power output is 50 watts. There will no longer be a QRP category.
        - the 40-meter band may now be used to make QSOs during the contest.
        - higher QSO points will be given to 6m and 70cm contacts.

        March 20, 2022

        The 2022 DU3MY Contest was launched.