Jamboree-on-the-Air/Jamboree-on-the-Internet (JOTA/JOTI)

The Jamboree-on-the-Air/Jamboree-on-the-Internet (JOTA/JOTI) is an annual event that allows Scouts and Guides meet and interact, although they might be in different parts of the world. It is the largest Scouting event in the world. The first JOTA took place in 1958 and the first JOTI in 1997. The event is held every third weekend of October, which also considered as the Scouting Month. For more information, visit  http://www.scout.org/jotajoti .

In JOTA/JOTI, the participants use Amateur Radio and the Internet to contact other participants. For JOTA, supervision by licensed Amateur Radio operators is required. DX3H had been assisting scouts in the province of Bulacan during the JOTA/JOTI events since 1989. 


For the second straight year, Meycauyan College hosted DX3H for the 61st JOTA/22nd JOTI event. Twenty (20) Senior Scouts joined us from October 12, 19, and 20, 2019. The group used the call sign DX3BSP. 

Day 1 (October 12):  Jun, DU1GCD conducted a short orientation seminar for the participating scouts. Topics covered were Introduction to Ham Radio and Amateur Radio Rules and Regulations. Boyet, 4F3BZ provided the participants with an overview of the operating procedures and guidelines during the JOTA/JOTI event itself. After the seminars, the scouts made a recording of the Scout Oath that will be played during the opening program.

The 40-meter and VHF/UHF antennas were installed. Guys also adjusted for proper tension.

Day 2 (October 18): The event formally opened at 6 PM on 40 meters. It featured the Re-dedication to the Scout Oath recording by MC Senior Scouts played on the air by DX3BSP.

Day 3 (October 19): By 7 AM, DX3BSP started to make contacts on the 40-meter band. The scouts took turns on the microphone, letting their voices be heard all over the Philippines. Stations worked include DX7NRD (Negros Oriental), DX4EVM (Camarines Sur), DX1ARC (Quezon City), DX1RAM (Quezon City), DX4ARE (Albay), DX1SPC (Laguna), DX3OC (Olongapo City), DX1ART (Antipolo), DX1MGS (Manila Girl Scouts), DX2BBB (La Union), DX1ER (Batangas), DX1BSP (Manila - BSP National HQ), and DX8BSP (ZANDIDAP). A sprinkling of 2-meter contacts were also made.

Later in the day, the scouts also started to communicate with other JOTI participants from all around the world. They made they their contacts through special chat rooms created specifically for the JOTI event, using their smart phones and laptops. This activity went on up until the late hours of the night in their quarters.  

Day 4 (October 20): The Senior Scouts woke up very early to cook breakfast and prepare for the day's activities. By 8 AM, they were back on the air making more contacts on 40 meters. New contacts include DZ1PUP (Occidental Mindoro), DX7HQ (Negros Oriental), and 4I1DYK (Laoag City). 

JOTA/JOTI operations wrapped up around noon time, after happily making a total of 253 contacts on 40 meters. Other contacts were made on 2 meters and JOTI chat rooms.

DX3H would like to thank Meycauyan College for hosting us during the 2019 JOTA/JOTI events. It was another fruitful collaboration, and we look forward to working with their Scouts in future scouting events.

 A commemorative video of the event can be found in DX3H's Youtube channel. Please click here: DX3BSP - 2019 JOTA/JOTI